Learning 学习

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Learning 学习

Learning is part of life, the main purpose is to make life better and meaningful. However, we must apply what we have learned, otherwise we will waste the meaning and time of learning. The learned knowledge should be put into practice, not just in books. Possession of knowledge is useless! Turn input into output.

学习是生活的一部分,主要目的是让生活好一些和生存地有意义。然而一定要学以致用,不然就浪费学习地意义和时间。 要把学到了知识要运用到实践中,而不能只留在书本上。占有知识没有用!要把输入变成产出。

Here are some tips and tricks for everyone to apply. 在此分享一些方法小动作,让大家可以学以致用。

(1)Reflect 思考

Think about what you have learned. For example, after reading a story, think about it. You will find out what you learned from it, and those are what you learned from the story. 把学习到的东西,好好的思考一番。比如说看完一个故事,就好好思考一下该故事。你就会发现你从中了解了到什么,那些就是你从故事学习到的东西。

(2)Implementation 执行

Learn what you have learned often, and put the meaning (including the methods used and matters needing attention) in practice into actual life as required, then what you learn will naturally become you Skills. 学到的东西要经常揣摩,把其理解的含义(包括使用的方法,注意的事项)按要求地实践到实际生活中, 那么学到的东西自然就变成你的技能。

(3)Sharing 分享

Sharing your gains is the best way to learn. When you share it and refine it, you will suddenly find that you have a deeper understanding of what you have learned. 分享自己的收获是最好的学习方式。当你在分享它,精进它时,你会发现你对所学的东西忽然理解地更深入。

When we apply what we learn and use it to promote learning, we are definatly confidence and will become better ever in our life. Let us study hard together for the better world. 当我们学以致用、再用以促学时, 我们做人就有信心,生活就会变美好了。为了世界美好,一起努力学习。加油加油!